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A Decade of Innovation: Celebrating 10 Years of My Signage Portal, the Ultimate Digital Signage CMS

A Decade of Innovation: Celebrating 10 Years of My Signage Portal, the Ultimate Digital Signage CMS

We’re thrilled to be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our digital signage Content Management System, My Signage Portal. A decade ago, we launched My Signage Portal as a user-friendly all-in-one CMS platform; today, we raise our glasses to a remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and partnership!

From the beginning, My Signage Portal has been a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and driving progress in the digital signage industry. The last 10 years have been marked by continuous efforts to optimise the platform and a dedication to listening to partner feedback, which has played a vital role in shaping our CMS into the platform it is today.

Four years after introducing My Signage Portal to the market we were fortunate enough to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the exclusive category of Innovation. We were proudly recognised for the innovation of allowing users the flexibly to upload their content via USB plug and play or remotely, using My Signage Portal, making our digital signage ranges the ultimate all-in-one solutions. This prestigious recognition is not only a validation of our commitment to innovation but also a reminder of the impact our efforts have had on the industry as a whole.

In 2021 we launched a completely refreshed user interface, giving users a more streamlined and modern looking platform. Since then, we have introduced a wide range of innovative features that make the lives of our partners and their customers a lot easier. These upgrades include:

Branding Customisation

  • Change the logo and colour scheme of your interface to match the branding of our partners or their end users.

Perfect Synchronisation

  • Synchronise content across multiple displays with a minimised perceived lag of less than 0.042 seconds.

Playback Log

  • Access precise proof of playback and accurately record the duration and frequency of media content shown.

Total Remote Control

  • Have complete remote access of all hardware functions from the online portal.

Touch Screen Analytics

  • Track each time a particular button on your touch playlist has been triggered and see how users interact with your playlist.

4K Content Support

  • Display truly immersive and eye-catching 4K content and ensure your messages always stand out.

YouTube Streaming Zone

  • Simply add in the video’s URL and access a variety of advanced features such as looping and muting videos.

Our commitment to optimising My Signage Portal and making the most of our partners’ feedback remains one of our top priorities, ensuring that we continue to deliver the best digital signage CMS.

A big thank you to our partners, customers, and end-users who have been an integral part of this journey. Here’s to a decade of excellence, innovation and transformation; and to many more years of success!

If you are interested in My Signage Portal, and all the features it has to offer, we have created a very useful playlist with our most recent CMS webinar recordings. Please see it below and get in touch for more information.

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