Casinos, cinemas, zoos and theme parks are just some of the leisure locations that can reap benefits from Digital Signage. At an entertainment venue like these, Digital Signage gives businesses the chance to engage with their customers in a way like never before. Gone are the boring static posters of yesteryear. Digital Signage is where it’s at if you want to speak to your audience.

In an entertainment based venue, Digital Signage can be used as an effective advertising tool. In your own venue you can promote services and events direct to your target audience. Digital Signage is also a great way to inform repeat customers of short term promotions that they may otherwise miss out on. For larger entertainment businesses, Digital Signage screens can also become a source of income. Sell advertising space to local businesses to promote their services on your Digital Signage screens. Showing social media feeds on your Digital Signage is another way to get the most out of your marketing efforts and really engage with your customers.

The world today is connected via screens; from smartphones to tablets the ability to interact with content is becoming more commonplace. Commercial Touch Screens are something that entertainment venues may want to invest in now or get left behind. Touch Screens open up a whole new level or interactivity for your audience. From fun company videos to integrating your own gaming app, the possibilities are endless. Touch Screens give you and your company a chance to show exactly who you are to your customers.

The messages sent through Digital Signage can not only inform and educate your audience, but form part of the overall experience by creating atmosphere of excitement and fun.

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Suggested Products
LCD Video Wall Digital Signage
  • Attract big audiences with Videos Walls that can scale to big sizes.
  • All eyes will be on your content with a virtually seamless video wall.
  • Built-in automatic tiling makes configuration simple and cost effective.
  • Made with commercial grade LCD panel and components mean these Video Walls can be in constant use 24/7 and have a lifespan of 70,000 hours.
  • IPS panels make your Video Wall appear bright and vibrant and improve viewing angle.
  • HDMI and VGA are just two of the different inputs that allow you to connect external sources.
Android Adertising Display Digital Signage Screen
  • Staff with minimal technical knowledge can update the displays with the plug and play USB method.
  • The screen’s automatic power timer allows you to set on and off times for the display so the screen is only in use when it needs to be.
  • No external buttons or accessible ports so customers cannot tamper.
  • Scheduling software allows you to display content on different days and times of the day.
  • The Wall Mounted display comes with a free flat wall mount.
  • Screens can be networked so they can be updated remotely and multiple media zones can be displayed on screen.
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1. Embeded Signage
2. Embeded Signage
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