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Digital Signage Case Study – Skydome Coventry

Digital Signage Case Study – Skydome Coventry

Project Overview



Skydome Coventry is one of Coventry city centre’s main entertainment and leisure complexes. As well as a large number of restaurants, a gym, a cinema and a casino, it’s also home to a 4,000 capacity multi-purpose ice rink and event arena called the Skydome. In late 2018, as part of a larger refurbishment across the site, one of our partners was contacted about installing an LED Video Wall on the side of the arena. This direct view LED display would be used to promote events at the arena and the businesses within Skydome Coventry.


Skydome wanted a large digital display in a prominent elevated position on the side of the arena facing a main road, where most vehicles enter the Skydome complex. The display needed to be bright enough to be seen even in direct sunlight and work in all weather conditions.

For the content on the screen, Skydome asked for a way to easily update the screen over the internet. Their inhouse marketing team would be in charge of creating the content but they wanted to be able too easily schedule content for the LED Video Wall with minimum fuss.

The LED Video Wall was to be no bigger than 4.5m x 3m according to the client. Placed in close proximity to the arena’s main signage, Skydome didn’t want the screen to overshadow the existing signage but rather to compliment it. With so many different businesses nearby, Skydome wanted to ensure that trade would not be affected by the installation of the LED Video Wall.



Our range of LED solutions meant we could satisfy all of the client’s needs . The Outdoor LED Video Wall that we supplied has a brightness of 6,000cd/m2, which ensures that the LED Video Wall is fully visible even on the brightest of days. The IP65-rated outer casing means the digital screen is fully waterproof as well. With the screen’s installation location high up from the ground, we knew that it did not need a low pixel pitch for its location. Given that the minimum viewing distance was going to be 11 meters the P10 provides the optimum resolution for the requirements while balancing cost.

Alongside the Outdoor LED Video Wall, we also supplied an Android Cloud Network Media Player that could be discretely housed in the frame of the LED Video Wall. The media player has a 4G upgrade which provides a stable internet connection independent from the main Skydome network. A lifetime subscription to our award-winning CMS was also purchased, allowing the team to manage their screen remotely without any on-going subscription costs.

The Outdoor LED Video Wall we supplied was within the size limits set by the clients but still large enough to meet their goals. Working with our partner to construct the frame for the LED Video Wall, we supplied a 4.32m x 2.88m screen.



Liaising directly with our partners and the client, we were able to manage and co-ordinate the installation of the LED Video Wall. This included the hire of a cherry picker in June 2019 in agreement with Skydome to minimise disruption to their businesses.

Skydome Coventry were delighted with their brand-new LED Video Wall that allows them to market directly to a wider audience in a modern and dynamic way.

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