Allsee are proud to be the UK’s leading dedicated Digital Signage Original Equipment Manufacturer. We design and manufacturer commercial displays for digital advertising and marketing applications. From concept, to design, to the fabrication; we are involved every step of the way with all of our products. We know our products inside and out and are experts in the Digital Signage sector; so you don’t have to be. We know that every Digital Signage project is different and that is why working with a manufacturer such as ourselves can be so beneficial to a reseller, distributor or system integrator of Digital Signage solutions. We make it as easy as possible to add value to our products so that you can maximise your margins.

Thanks to over a decade of industry expertise we can help and advise you to find a tailored solution for your clients. If you or a customer has a specific requirement we can alter our products to meet their exact needs. For example take our Freestanding Digital Poster, these can be manufactured with a white finish, they can be upgraded to be double sided, we can even make modifications to existing products for smaller projects. The most requested modifications are client branding, incorporating networking and software options, bespoke internal air conditioning, enclosure alterations and mounting options. All of this starts with getting in touch with us here; our team are more than happy to discuss any special requirements that you, or your customers, may have.

System Integrators need to have faith in the manufacturers that they partner with; founded in 2007 Allsee is known for the strong relationships and trust that we have built with our partners throughout the years. From the free lifetime technical support that we offer for all the products we supply, to the 3 years warranty we offer, we are a manufacturer who are determined and committed to satisfying all of our partners in every way that we can.

Suggested Products
PCAP Touch Screen Digital Signage Screen
  • Perfect for integrating into sleek and modern touch screen kiosks.
  • Tempered edge to edge glass front makes this touch screen ideal for use in commercial applications.
  • Integrated PC, running both Windows and Android, allows for maximum versatility as not additional PC is required.
  • 10 touch points mean that multiple people can use the screen at any one time.
  • Made with commercial grade LCD panel and components mean this screen can be in constant use 24/7 and has a lifespan of 70,000 hours.
High Brightness Monitor Digital Signage Screen
  • Can be easily integrated into freestanding custom enclosure.
  • Sunlight readable with a 1,500cd/m² panel that is more than 3 times brighter than that of a standard commercial screen.
  • Internal air-conditioning system keeps the panel and internal components working at the optimum temperature.
  • Remote control IR sensor extension; ideal when the screen is installed into an enclosure.
  • The eco-friendly power timer can be set so the screen is only in use when it needs to be, saving electricity.
  • The screen can be easily updated via plug and play with a USB, the screen can also be networked so content can be updated and controlled remotely.
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From technology to fashion, many of the products you know and use every day will have been produced by an Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is company that has designed and manufactured the product they sell themselves. In researching OEM you might have come across the term ODM. This stands for Original Design Manufacturer. This kind of company will manufacturer a product based on a customer’s design. They may sound similar but in terms of dealing with one or the other there is a huge advantage for those businesses that deal with an OEM.

Allsee is a UK based Digital Signage OEM. We design and manufacture commercial display products for digital advertising and marketing applications. As the OEM we have been involved with every step from the research and development to the manufacturing of all the products we sell; from our Android Advertising Displays to our impending . . . .

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