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5 Reasons to Upgrade from Print to Digital Signage

5 Reasons to Upgrade from Print to Digital Signage

Digital Signage displays are a major new force in the signage sector. Large businesses have already started changing from traditional printed signage to the more modern digital displays. If you go into any large fast food chain restaurant you can already see one sector that has actively embraced the change because they understand the benefits and are already reaping the rewards. It is not just this industry that can benefit though; from retail stores to corporate internal communication, the benefits are waiting for anyone who makes the change.  In this blog I am going to give you 5 reasons why now is the time you should upgrade from printed signs to Digital Signage.

Update Your Content Quickly

One of Digital Signage’s main advantages is that it can be updated instantly. Printed signage cannot compete with the pace at which Digital Signage can respond when changes happen. Say for example you are a restaurant and want to change one of the prices on your menu, if you used print the laborious process of changing the menu file, finding commercial grade printers, getting extortionate quotes, then the delay for the signs to actually be printed and then waiting for them to be installed can make the whole process arduous. With Digital Signage the process is quick and easy, an image file or playlist can be edited then either sent over the internet via the cloud or easily delivered to the screen via USB. Content can be changed in minutes thanks to Digital Signage.

Target Your Audience with Scheduling

Push content that speaks directly to your audience with scheduling software that gives you the flexibility to react to events/changes. Most basic Digital Signage displays come with scheduling software that can be set to show content at certain hours or days. A restaurant can display a variety of different content throughout the day that can speak to different customers. For example in the morning they can be display their breakfast items, changeover to their lunch specials at midday and in the evening display the dinner menu. In contrast, print is static and stuck as soon as it is printed.

Dynamic Displays Catch Attention

With their glass tempered front, aluminium bezel and tablet like aesthetics; our Android Advertising Displays have been designed to grab attention as all good Digital Signage displays should. Their IPS panel delivers unbeatable levels of brightness and colour vibrancy that makes images and videos really pop on screen. No matter the amount of glosses or sheen, print signage will never look as good as Digital Signage displays do. According to One Deep Design over 90% of buying factors are influenced by visual factors. Source

Interact with Audiences

Viewers are becoming more and more comfortable with modern technology devices. Smartphones and tablets have got whole generations of users accustomed to Touch Screens. Get your audiences actively involved with interactive Digital Signage displays such as our PCAP Touch Screens. Resembling the sleek design of a smartphone or tablet audiences love to touch and make the screen come alive.  From wayfinding kiosks to interactive menus these kinds of Digital Signage displays are the future and print signage just cannot compete.

Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

I decided to save the best reason for last! The addition of Digital Signage has been proven to lead to increased sales, more impulse purchases, additional recurring visits thanks to the positive connotations of Digital Signage has on a store and the overall improvement on a brands image thanks to Digital Signage. With the upsurge in sales due to switching to digital you will also be saving significant amounts of money from the paper and printing that will thankfully be a thing of the past.

The future of signage is digital. Investment in this technology is one that will benefit your company for years to come. I’ve outlined five reasons you should consider upgrading your signage. Save yourself time and money by choosing to modernise your signage solutions; don’t let your business get left behind by not upgrading to Digital Signage.

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