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New CMS Feature: Perfect Synchronisation

New CMS Feature: Perfect Synchronisation

As most of our partners are now aware, we are investing heavily in the development of our online CMS to help secure more projects from their end users. This development work does not end with the new UI and functionality of the CMS itself.

The ability to synchronise content across multiple displays has been available with our network screens for over 6 years now, and other platforms promote this feature – so what makes our most recent development different?

We have been hard at work to develop new firmware for our latest Android PC board which is featured in all of our new displays. One huge improvement in the latest firmware version is that we have minimised the perceived lag of synchronisation to less than 0.042 seconds! This means that there is no visible delay between the content on each screen, creating endless exciting possibilities of truly dynamic content.

The next question is; how were we able to do this? Well given that we are the only commercial display manufacturer that is investing in advanced CMS software development we can focus on small details like this to help our partners gain the competitive edge over other systems. Also, because we manufacturer the hardware for our displays in conjunction with the software that we develop we can approach these things differently. The optimisation of this particular function, for example, is only possible because we are able to streamline the performance of the hardware while simultaneously improving the operation of the firmware and software.

Get in touch today to book an in-person demo and see just how perfect the synchronisation feature really is on our latest ranges of displays!

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