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New CMS Feature: Playback Log

New CMS Feature: Playback Log

Another month, another great new My Signage Portal feature!

Many projects require proof of playback for customers, especially when our system is being used to manage a network of advertising displays. Big brands in particular need to have the reassurance, and often evidence, that their content has been played and how many times it has appeared. Even for projects where screens are not being used as part of an advertising network this function can be extremely useful for peace of mind.

As a lot of current My Signage Portal users know, we already have many logging tools for which the records can be exported. This new and improved functionality now provides ultimate accuracy when using our latest hardware; allowing users to see exactly how long any given piece of media has been displays for – down to the second!

If you’d like to find out more about this new tool, or about any of the other exciting news features we’re working on, get in touch today!

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