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What Can a Video Wall Be Used for? (Part Two)

What Can a Video Wall Be Used for? (Part Two)

In Part One of this blog post, we looked into how video walls can be used in the entertainment, transport and education sectors. If you haven’t read it yet, click here!

In Part Two, we will discuss the uses of video walls in corporate, exhibition and control room settings, as well as the reasons why they have become so popular in so many different areas.



Businessman gesturing to Presentation Video Wall in a corporate meeting room
Using our Fine Pitch LED Presentation Video Wall in a corporate meeting room

You might be forgiven for thinking that Video Walls have no place in the corporate sector, as they are usually associated with larger, more open spaces. However, installing Video Walls in meeting rooms can be incredibly useful. Not only does the technology subtly convey a high-end, modern atmosphere to potential clients, it is also visually appealing and so likely to increase engagement in presentations. Due to its super fine pixel pitch and seamless, bezel-free design, our Fine Pitch LED Presentation Video Wall is ideal for this purpose. Video Walls are also frequently used in corporate lobbies to help promote the business.



Scattered video wall made up of Android Advertising Displays
A scattered Video Wall made up of our Android Advertising Displays

Video Walls have quickly been identified as a successful way to separate yourself from competitors at exhibitions, thus attracting more passers-by to your stand. This is because they have a high visual impact, even from across the room, as they are brighter and more striking than traditional printed signs. Also, unlike printed signs, Video Walls can be altered and updated very quickly. In addition, as they are made up of multiple smaller screens placed together, Video Walls can be arranged into any aspect ratio or even in a scattered layout to create an eye-catching display. Overall, these features enable businesses to make more efficient use of their limited floor space.



This type of display can also be used by exhibition organisers to provide scheduling and navigational information, such as the time an event will start and how to find the room where it is held. In large exhibition centres, it is crucial that this information is clearly visible to attendees.


Control Rooms

From CCTV monitoring to television broadcasting to intelligent traffic systems, Video Walls have vastly improved many different types of control room. This is because, by bringing multiple video feeds and/or data sources together, Video Walls allow more efficient use of space, enhance visibility and increase the control that operators have. Also, the use of commercial grade materials means that all our screens can be in constant use 24/7 to ensure reliable, continuous information flow.

Therefore, without us even knowing it, Video Walls are working behind the scenes to improve our everyday lives – whether that’s keeping us safe from criminals, making sure our TV programmes run smoothly, or helping us get to our destination as quickly as possible.

As control rooms tend to show different images on different screens within the Video Wall, bezel size is not as important as it is for other applications. Hence, for this purpose, we recommend creating a Video Wall out of our range of Professional Monitors as a budget-friendly solution.


Why are Video Walls so versatile?

As you can see, Video Walls have numerous applications. But what makes them so useful in so many different areas?

2x2 Video Wall with one screen extending away from the wall via our Pop-Out Video Wall Mount
Our Pop-Out Video Wall Mount in action

For a start, they allow you to create unusually large displays in the most cost effective way. Also, as touched on previously, Video Walls can be arranged into custom aspect ratios. These two factors, combined with the narrow bezel around the screens, means that Video Walls have a bigger visual impact than either large printed signs or smaller digital signs.

Additionally, our Pop-Out Video Wall Mount is a specialised mounting solution that allows individual access to each panel in the Video Wall. Without this mount, maintaining panels that are not in contact with the edge of the Video Wall (e.g. the central panel in a 3×3 arrangement) would be time-consuming and difficult. This means that not only are our Video Walls highly effective, they are also easy to maintain.


To summarise, Video Walls are attention-grabbing, visually appealing and easily maintainable – so it’s clear to see why they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice for a variety of applications.


Why not contact a member of our team and see how a Video Wall can improve your business?


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