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Internal Communication – How can Digital Signage help my employees?

Internal Communication – How can Digital Signage help my employees?

Having an open line of communication between a business and its employees is an important for the success of any organisation. Effective Internal Communication can keep employees motivated and engaged with their work and no workplace is immune to the benefits of Internal Communication, from businesses, factories, retail shops, schools and public sector buildings. Gone are the days of bulletin boards and mass emails to everyone. Having a dialogue with staff can now be streamlined into just one source thanks to a new strategy for HR departments by using Digital Signage screens to communicate with their staff.

There are lots of different applications for office based Digital Signage. From showing general announcements to presenting a new corporate video Digital Signage screens are ideal for Internal Communications. Digital Signage screens can also be re-active to current events with real time publishing features. By showcasing targeted messages on a display a company can make an employee not just feel like an audience member but an active participating member of a team. Key Performance Indicators and real time safety records are great content for office based Digital Signage screens. A company could show a league table of who was performing best in the sales team. Bringing a friendly element of competition to an organisation is never a bad thing and can encourage team members to perform even better. A factory on the other hand could post how many days since an accident had occurred to promote its value and focus on safety. The possibilities are endless. To get it right you just need the right content for your employees and to install screens in prime locations where lots of eyes can see them; like a staff room for example.

Digital Signage screens are perfect for Internal Communication needs because this is what they were designed to do. Like our Android Advertising Displays with their gorgeous tempered glass front and aluminium bezel that are hard to ignore while also being built with commercial LCD panels that can operate 24/7. Digital Signage has the flexibility to work with all sorts of different media types and is easy and quick to update. Our cloud based CMS solution for example has a rapid publishing feature that means you can update all of your screens in a matter of seconds. That is what makes Digital Signage such a good solution for communication; it can scale to any size organisation thanks to its networking capabilities.

Digital Signage is a great tool for bridging the gap between an employee and a business. Any enterprise is making a real statement of intent to its staff when it invests in Digital Signage for in-house communication purposes. Digital Signage screens offer employees the opportunity to become part of the team and not just be seen as single entity. A brand can firmly establish its values and vision to those who represent it via Digital Signage Internal Communication. When everyone in a team is working towards the same goal then success is sure to follow.

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