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Do I need a cloud based Digital Signage platform?

Do I need a cloud based Digital Signage platform?

Cloud based software is advancing more and more into our everyday lives and it looks like it is here to stay. Anything from music to movies can be connected through cloud networks to devices anywhere in the world. When it comes to Digital Signage there are two very different ways to upload content to a screen and both can achieve very similar results. The first is the more simple ‘Plug and Play’ method that is done via a USB stick. The second is by a cloud based Digital Signage platform which offers a host of extra features but requires more advanced technical knowledge than the ‘Plug and Play’ method to implement. Not every Digital Signage screen needs to be connected to the cloud though. The entire Digital Signage industry is flooded with cloud based platforms. If you are investing in Digital Signage you might ask yourself – “do I need a cloud based Digital Signage platform?”


When a ‘Plug and Play’ solution is best

Uploading content via the ‘Plug and Play’ method is ideal for places that have a handful of Digital Signage screens as it is simple and easy to do. This is done by uploading content to a USB stick and then manually inserting the USB into a screen so the content can display. This way of delivering content to the screen is perfect for places where people with limited technical knowledge are in charge of the display. There is also the point to make that a ‘Plug and Play’ screen is more cost effective than connecting to a cloud based platform but you are only restricted to displaying images and videos.


When a cloud based solution is best

A cloud based solution is best for when you have a number of screens across multiple locations. By upgrading to a cloud based Digital Signage platform you can upload content to all your screens in literally a matter of seconds. One of the best things about a cloud based solution like ours for example is that it is futureproof. Say for example you purchase two standalone Freestanding Digital Posters for your first store that you upload content with via ‘Plug and Play’. In a couple of years’ time when you now have six screens in three different stores in operation, the original two Freestanding Posters can be upgraded to use the cloud technology and become part of a network. Greater features are also available once you have upgraded including the ability to create your own custom layouts with multiple media zones, including live webpages for example.


There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to Digital Signage. Cloud technology may be the most advanced form of Digital Signage but its features are simply not applicable to every project. You have to assess each situation based on certain variables including how many screens you are purchasing, the level of I.T. knowledge your company has and your budget.  Then you can decide if a cloud based Digital Signage network solution is for you.

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