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How to sell Digital Signage to your boss (Part 2)

How to sell Digital Signage to your boss (Part 2)

This is the second part of our blog on how to sell Digital Signage to your boss. To read part 1 of this blog, please click here.

Lower the risk

Bosses will only take calculated risks. Ideally they want sure-fire solutions so thanks to ingenuity of Digital Signage you can lower the risk with your projects if required. Our Digital Signage screens are made to scale into large networks. So you can pitch to your manager just getting one simple plug and play display, if this screen is deemed a success it is easy to upgrade the screen to become part of a multi-screen network. Put your manager at ease by taking it slowly with Digital Signage.

Putting the customer first

A good way to explain Digital Signage to your boss is to describe how Digital Signage will positively affect customer’s experiences compared to now. Customers have certain expectations and needs when they visit you; are you doing enough to satisfy them? For example could a Freestanding Digital Poster with wayfinding content help customers or visitors navigate around your store or building and find what they want more easily?

Have a Plan

Don’t go in unprepared when discussing Digital Signage with your supervisor. Have a plan that you can present from beginning to end. Who will be in charge of the installation of the display? Who will create content? Will creating content require additional resources and how long will this all take? These are just some of the questions that your boss should not even have to ask if you have carefully planned out this project correctly. It’s important that you find out a way to measure the ROI for your managers as at the end of the day the measurable success will come down to a number of factors, one of them being money.

The rule of three

Boil down the issue you have identified and how Digital Signage can fix it in these easy steps.

  1. Have you noticed that (department)
  2. has (specific problem)
  3. well, my idea to implement Digital Signage will ensure that (expected results)

So in practise this can read as ‘have you noticed that the customer acquisition team has been failing to sign up customers to our reward card, well my idea to implement a PCAP Touch Screen in store well ensure that more customers can easily do so in store.


Really understanding the benefits of Digital Signage will really help when trying to sell Digital Signage to your boss. Make sure to pitch to them at the right time. First thing on a Monday morning is probably not the best time if you want their full attention. Make sure you get across the benefits of Digital Signage, address their concerns head on. With these tactics in place you are more likely to get approval from your manager to implement Digital Signage.

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