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The Next Evolution of Digital Signage Self-Ordering Kiosks.

The Next Evolution of Digital Signage Self-Ordering Kiosks.

Allsee is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new 22″ PCAP Self Service Kiosks. Designed for business of all sizes, this compact touch screen ordering solution brings a stylish interactive experience to your customers.

We originally launched our 27″ PCAP Self Service Kiosks back in 2020, this range has seen a remarkable rise in sales over the last 12 months as more and more businesses realise the benefits a self-ordering touch screen can bring to in terms of efficiency and customer experience. However, some of our partners were asking for a smaller, more compact model.

The new kiosk has an eye-catching enclosure and can be securely mounted on countertops, and also has flexibility for both wall mounting and freestanding versions. Packed full of all the same great features as our 27″ PCAP Self Service Kiosks the smaller model is the next evolution of the range as the smaller size allows the solution to be used in a wider variety of businesses and applications.

The new 22″ PCAP Self Service Kiosks are already being used by a major nationwide chain across their stores in the UK. The units are in stock now and available for immediate dispatch. We recommend downloading the marketing materials below and getting this solution listed on your website ASAP!

You can request pricing from your account manager or by replying to this email.

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