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Digital Signage Case Study – iBroke My Gadget

Digital Signage Case Study – iBroke My Gadget


iBroke My Gadget is a gadget repair specialist originally founded in 2005 as a local mobile phone contract provider. It was during this early stage of the business that the company gained a vast amount of knowledge about repairing devices. This lead to the company’s expansion with the first purpose built gadget repair shop based in Surrey opening in 2012 which was able to accommodate repairs all electrical goods while still specialising in mobile phones. In February of 2018 the company came to us looking for Digital Signage for their new stores that they were planning to open, including a new flagship store in the Westfield Shopping Centre and a new location in Putney, London.


Commercial grade 24/7 network screens were needed so that the displays could be updated remotely over the internet from the company’s central headquarters. Another consideration was the bezel size of the screens; Westfield Shopping Centre has strict rules on what kind of displays they would allow the company to use within the shopping centre. The bezel size needed to be as narrow as possible while still being within the project budget. Some screens also needed to be recessed into a wall. They also needed an outward facing screen for their window display. iBroke My Gadget also wanted multiple screens per store so they needed the solution to be as cost effective as possible. The screens needed to be installed on strict deadlines as the opening dates had been publicised. As the screens were one of the last elements to be installed it was important that iBroke My Gadget were able to get the screens exactly when they wanted them.


The first choice for a narrow bezel solution was to use our Video Wall Displays which feature super narrow bezels. However as the screens were not being used in a traditional video wall configuration, and do not feature integrated media players, we advised against this to allow iBroke My Gadget to get more screens for their budget. We proposed using our 43” and 50” 24/7 commercial grade Network Digital Menu Boards which have a slightly larger bezel but are considerably more cost effective and also have a built in Android network media player. The internal media player also allows the screens to be synchronised so that screens that were installed next to one another could all display full HD media that would appear as one large image or video. Pop-out wall mounts were used for the recessed screens to allow for easy installation and future maintenance. High Brightness Monitors were recommended for the outward facing window displays. As the Westfield location was indoors we suggested using our 1,500cd/m2 version screens rather than the more expensive 2,500cd/m2 models, again to save on cost.

Due to the fact that the screens needed to be installed just before the store opened we needed to work with iBroke My Gadget to be as flexible as possible in terms of delivery date. As we hold a huge volume of stock in our UK warehouses this part of the project was handled comfortably.


Both of the store openings were great successes and the Digital Signage displays really helped to make the desired impact. With our commercial display solutions iBroke My Gadget were able to get the high end tech feel perfect for their brand within their marketing and advertising efforts. This was helped immensely by the bright and colourful content that they had created for the screens; the Network Digital Menu Boards were able to show the vibrant colours in a way that printed signage could not do. Sho Khan, the CEO of the company, had the following to say about working with us after receiving his screens for the Westfield store.

“Allsee were able to supply a solution that catered to our needs perfectly. The timing of the delivery was crucial and overall they provided an excellent service.”

With more new stores certain to open in the coming months and years, new Digital Signage displays will be needed. It’s no surprise the project has been so successful; Digital Signage is the perfect marketing tool for any retail environment. With the proven success of the new stores, Mr Khan has also started replacing the printed signage used in the older stores within the chain with more dynamic Digital Signage displays.

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