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Improving Health and Safety with Digital Signage

Improving Health and Safety with Digital Signage

In workplaces up and down the country drawing up Health and Safety procedures is an important step for companies to take to protect the wellbeing of employees, visitors and customers. This is so when an accident does occur, whether big or small, everyone can feel safe in the knowledge that policies are in place to deal with issues or hopefully prevent such things from happening in the first place. Employers have a legal duty to make sure everyone is protected and can face criminal charges or legal action when found to be negligent in this respect. The best way to avoid anything like this is to clearly communicate your companies Health and Safety policy. Digital Signage is a new way for employers to communicate with staff making it an ideal canvas for Health and Safety information.

Literally all industries need some form of Health and Safety, from construction to agriculture; from catering to entertainment procedures are needed. A company can install Digital Signage displays to educate their employees about the strategy in place. This kind of constant visibility reminds everyone that there are policies in place and can stop workers accidentally defying the rules. These kinds of accidents are more likely to occur thanks to a distinct lack of knowledge; this is why Digital Signage is needed. With Digital Signage gone are the days when you would be forced to go through a dull folder that is usually tucked away in some cupboard when not in use. Digital Signage allows companies to create visually appealing and informative images and videos to capture attention and really drive home the health and safety message.

There is no excuse for a company not to utilise Digital Signage in this way. Digital Signage can take on many different variations to suit almost any environment. For a regular office an Android Advertising Display can be mounted easily to a wall like any domestic TV would be (CLICK HERE to read about why you should not use a TV as Digital Signage). Freestanding Digital Posters offer versatility in the fact they can be moved around and positioned in areas that will give them the maximum audience. Just because your work is based outdoors does not mean that Digital Signage cannot be used. Wall Mounted Outdoor Advertising Displays and Freestanding Outdoor Digital Posters can be used to transmit health and safety messages while the site is active. We have even seen on construction sites the Outdoor screens used as an advertising tool that promoted the project they were working on during out of work hours and displayed health and safety messages when employees were on site. This goes to show that whatever the working environment there is a Digital Signage solution that can work for you.

One of Digital Signage’s greatest strengths is that Network Digital Signage Displays can show live webpages and multiple screens can also be updated in literally seconds. This can help avoid catastrophe in the event of an emergency. For example if the fire alarm was going off at a large office/factory site the receptionist can log in and update all the Digital Signage displays in seconds to display the correct evacuation process. This can include clear directions to fire exits and meeting points and can also include audio instructions if desired. Doing something as quick and easy as updating the Digital Signage can help everyone remain calm and informed and keep the evacuation under control.

Health and Safety is around to keep us all safe. While some might view it as boring paperwork it actually does save lives. Effectively communicating your Health and Safety strategy adds another layer of protection for employees, visitors and customers. If used right Digital Signage can help actively engage with its target audience and help them absorb the messages. Digital Signage does not give up and can run 24/7 constantly, like no other form of communication can do. Using Digital Signage to display your Health and Safety policies not only gives everyone the information they need, it gives them all of the information they deserve to stay healthy and safe.

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