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DV-LED Case Study – Wahed Invest

DV-LED Case Study – Wahed Invest

Project Overview


Wahed Invest is a global online banking platform for those looking for investment opportunities that adhere to Islamic principles. Founded in the USA in 2015 they first launched in the UK market in 2018 as an online bank. In late 2022 they approached our partner as they were in the process of opening their first physical branch in the UK and were looking for digital screens to enhance the space. They understood the wow factor digital signage could bring to a space with video content. Wahed had just been let down by another supplier so were looking for a partner they could collaborate with to meet the dates of the planned opening of the branch in early 2023.


The financial firm wanted a large scale digital screen to be the centrepiece of the new branch. They wanted a big stunning display that could show their advertising content but also be changed for special events they planned to host at the branch as well as during presentations. They wanted this screen to be recessed into the wall so that would have to be taken into consideration with any solution offered.

The new branch is on Baker Street in central London, just down the road from the popular Selfridges store and busy Oxford Street so Wahed knew there would be a lot of passing footfall. They wanted to take advantage of the large windows they had and use digital screens to advertise to this passing traffic. Using screens in the window also meant they could be showing their adverts 24/7 even when the branch was not open. They needed the screens to be bright enough to be seen even on the sunniest of days. They wanted the screens to be large to fill the windows and also for the screens to be mounted in landscape. With all the digital screens in the same orientation it would mean the Wahed graphics team would not have to spend time converting landscape adverts into portrait.

In terms of content, Wahed were looking for a simple platform they could easily update and manage the different screens content. Wahed had already purchased a large commercial display for the branch before from a previous supplier. They still wanted to use the screen so needed us to find a way to figure out a way to integrate the screen into whatever CMS solution we went with.

With the opening of the branch scheduled for late Jan 2023 Wahed needed us to work closely with their builders so the screens were installed in a timely manner not effecting the date the branch was set to open.


Initially when talking with Wahed they were looking at LCD Video Wall Displays for their centrepiece screen. However, based on their requirements we instead suggested the Indoor DV-LED Displays. The modular cabinets meant we could build the screen to an impressive size. The slim depth of the cabinets also made them ideal for recessing into the wall to achieve that flat finish. Compared to the LCD Video Wall Panels the bezel-less display really makes the DV-LED screens a showstopper. The content would be run from one of our Network Android Media Players and use our CMS software My Signage Portal.

For the window displays we had the perfect solution with the Ultra High Brightness Window Displays. With a brightness of 3,500cd/m2 the screens have an outstanding brightness making them visible to all those passing the branch. With a range of size options from 43” up to a gargantuan 75” display we suggested the 65” model.

For the other screen that Wahed had purchased we simply supplied another Network Media Player they could connect using HDMI. This converted the display so that all the screens Wahed had could be managed from one central point using our CMS platform My Signage Portal. Using My Signage Portal, Wahed would be able to manage and send video/image content direct to the screens over the internet.


Working closely with our partner and the builders we ensured a timely installation of the screens with no delays to the schedule. Wahed Brand ambassador Khabib Nurmagomedov was there to officially open the first UK branch at a special event in January 2023. Customers have been wowed by the state of the art banking branch and digital displays. Even better for Wahed, the solution we offered now delivers a full template they can replicate when they open other branches in the future.

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