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New Digital Signage Solution: DV-LED Window Displays made easy . . . .

New Digital Signage Solution: DV-LED Window Displays made easy . . . .

Direct View LED is the fastest growing sector in the digital signage market and shows no sign of slowing down with the release of our brand new DV-LED All-in-One Window Displays. Utilising the brand new 2,200cd/m² High Brightness DV-LED that we launched in February, these displays are designed to grab attention in storefronts. We provide everything needed from the high brightness modules, the LED cabinets to the mounting solution to suit every type of window. Our pre-designed packages allow you to get all the benefits of DV-LED without any of the hassle.

Similar to our recently launched Outdoor DV-LED Shop Fascias and Indoor DV-LED Totems we have out-of-the-box solutions ready to go in a variety of different sizes.

With three ready to go solutions available we can also provide bespoke solutions of any size to fill any window display. The DV-LED All-in-One Window Displays are IN STOCK NOW and ready to go, so we recommend downloading the marketing materials below and getting this solution listed on your website now! You can request pricing by clicking the button below or directly from your account manager.

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