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Digital Signage Case Study – Spithead Business Centre

Digital Signage Case Study – Spithead Business Centre

Project Overview



Spithead Business Centre is a major commercial centre located on one of the busiest thoroughfares on the Isle of Wight. With lots of local development increasing footfall, including the construction of a new supermarket next door, the centre recognised that a large-scale advertising display would capture a lot of views. They wanted to capitalise on this by investing in a direct view LED display.



Due to the outdoor nature of the installation space, the video wall needed to be fully weatherproof and sunlight readable. As the closest people could get to the display would be more than six metres away, the content had to look outstanding from this distance and further. Furthermore, the video wall needed to be installed far above the ground so that it could be seen over a fence that runs along the base of the wall where it would be mounted.

Spithead Business Centre also required end-to-end project management, including design, installation and maintenance of the video wall hardware as well as a way to easily send advertisements to the video wall.



Outdoor LED Video Wall being installed at Spithead Business Centre

We designed a P6 Outdoor LED Video Wall using standard 960mm x 960mm cabinets to fit the centre’s space requirements. This solution has a robust aluminium cabinet and an IP65-rated outer casing, meaning the LED panels are able to withstand any wet weather conditions. With a brightness of up to 6,000cd/m2, the video wall is also guaranteed to have outstanding visibility even in direct sunlight. Thanks to the P6 pixel pitch, the video wall has an optimum viewing distance of six metres or more. This is enhanced by the elevated height at which it was installed.

We also provided one of our Android Cloud Network Media Players so that the centre could create and schedule advertisements using our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) software, as well as instantly updating their video wall via the online portal.

Our installation team managed the install, working alongside a local partner. The lightweight LED cabinet structure, as well as the magnetic modules and positioning pins, ensured a smooth installation.



Outdoor LED video wall at Spithead Business Centre

Once installed, the video wall was a roaring success – in the first day after installation alone, Spithead Business Centre received 35 enquiries about the products and services being advertised on the display.

The centre has also been delighted with the level of maintenance support, receiving same day assistance over the phone for a technical query. On one occasion an on-site troubleshooting visit was required, so our service engineers attended site promptly to ensure minimal downtime.

With people able to see the striking video wall from over 50 metres away as they travel down the main road, this project has been a real success in helping put Spithead Business Centre on the map.


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