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Digital Signage Case Study – Residential Care Home GVO

Digital Signage Case Study – Residential Care Home GVO


GVO is a group of residential care homes across Belgium. Caring for the elderly in their later years of life across ten sites, GVO strive to provide the best care available providing respect, attention and human contact for the residents. “Autonomy in Connectedness” is the main slogan for this forward thinking group. With this in mind, GVO first approached our partner in mid-2018 looking to purchase some Touch Screens for a new trial project aiming to improve the operations at the care homes.


GVO wanted a Touch Screen for the reception area that guests can use when visiting each facility. This Touch Screen would be able to let the visitor know if the person they are visiting is in the building and provide directions to their room. They did not want this Touch Screen to be wall mounted so the solution had to be freestanding. The second objective was to have a Touch Screen for their multifunction rooms. They wanted a whiteboard-like device that could be used by staff for internal meetings but also be used by the residents for purposes such as entertainment, to display personal photos and videos as well as run apps for improving and testing memory. This Touch Screen solution would have to be mobile as it would be used in many different rooms across the care home.

They wanted to trial these Touch Screens at two different care home sites, one in Zwevezele and the other in Meulebeke. Based on how this initial trial goes the Touch Screens could be rolled out to the other remaining sites. GVO also wanted the screens to be installed and training on how to use the Touch Screens.

Interactive Touch Display mounted on a floor trolley in a meeting room


For the reception Touch Screen, we recommended our PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks to greet guests as they entered the care home. The all-in-one display combines the latest in Touch Screen technology with a stylish kiosk. The tablet styling with the full tempered glass front and aluminium surround makes this screen stand out among Digital Signage screens. The screens are running our CMS pointing to a specially created webpage. Our partners worked closely with a web developer to create this bespoke webpage that could be built to the customers exact needs and incorporate their branding.

For the whiteboard solution we supplied our Interactive Touch Displays. These are the latest in digital whiteboard technology. With 10 touch points multiple users are able to use the screen at any given time, allowing for group activities. The screens come with our MeetingPad software, this software makes the screen come to life with easy writing and annotation features. Wireless mirroring and file sharing makes this display perfect for meeting rooms. The screen also has easy access ports on the front of the display that makes connecting laptops, as well as USB sticks containing residents’ photos and videos, very each. The bright and vibrant display also has an integrated Android PC that makes looking at photos, watching videos and connecting to the internet a breeze for residents. The Interactive Touch Display is a truly versatile solution that everyone at the care home can benefit from. We also provided the floor trolley for the display. With integrated castors and handy AV shelf the trolley enables the screens to be used across the care homes.


We supplied GVO with their initial Touch Screens in September of 2018. We provided a complete solution for GVO by not only supplying the screens but also carrying out the installation and training on how to utilise their new Touch Screens. GVO were so impressed with the results of the trial project that they are now planning to gradually roll out the Touch Screens across their other eight locations. They have also decided to implement some non-touch Digital Signage in the form of our Network Digital Menu Boards. This way they can control the content for both their touch and non-touch displays from the same platform. The care home is now fully equipped to bridge the gap between its patients and the outside world as they enter their later years.

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