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NEW 55” Ultra High Brightness Hanging Double-Sided Displays

NEW 55” Ultra High Brightness Hanging Double-Sided Displays

With a 3,500cd/m2 outward-facing screen to combat direct sunlight and a 1,000cd/m2 inward-facing screen to combat brightly-lit indoor spaces, the new Ultra High Brightness Hanging Double-Sided Displays are designed for shopfront windows. On top of this, they are also ultra-resistant to blackening defect up to 110°C.

Lightweight Slim Enclosure

These streamlined displays feature a slim depth, minimal cord clutter, and high energy efficiency. Not only is the aluminium enclosure incredibly lightweight for easy installation, it also allows rapid heat loss to improve performance and increase lifespan.

Ultra Resistant to Blackening Defect

Thanks to their special panels, these displays can withstand surface temperatures up to 110oC without suffering from blackening defect. This is crucial for outward-facing window displays, which must contend with exposure to direct sunlight.

Smart Temperature Control

The responsive internal airflow system keeps the panel and other internal components at optimum working temperature. This ensures a long and reliable life for your screen, even when used continuously in outward-facing windows.


These displays also feature;

  • Integrated Android Media Player
  • Different Content on Each Side
  • 24/7 Commercial Use
  • Freestanding Option Available

With stock arriving very soon, interest in these highly-anticipated displays is through the roof. Don’t miss out, email us today to reserve yours!

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