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Allsee Upgrades Indoor Battery-Powered A-Boards

Allsee Upgrades Indoor Battery-Powered A-Boards

Here at Allsee, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services. That’s why our development process is driven directly by feedback from the people whose opinions matter most – our partners. Most recently, after listening to our partners about comments they’ve received from their end users on the functionality and design of our Indoor Digital Android Battery A-Boards, we’ve given this product a complete makeover.

The new-and-improved version features the following upgrades:


 27-Hour Battery Life

When fully-charged, the new Indoor A-Board can run for over 27 hours. This means you can leave the screen on for a full day and night before charging the battery at your convenience.




Power Connection

Before the upgrade, users said that they found it tricky to connect the Indoor A-Board to a power source. To fix this issue, we’ve moved the power connection from the bottom of the product to the side and changed the design of the connector so that it’s easier to connect.




USB Ports & Wi-Fi

Similarly to the power connection, these have now been moved from the bottom of the Indoor A-Board to the top for ease of access.





Safety Hinge

With the improved safety hinge, there’s no chance of fingers becoming trapped in the mechanism. Additionally, because this hinge locks in place when no force is exerted on it, the legs stop moving as soon as you stop pushing them in or pulling them out instead of swinging shut.




Locking Nuts

Another problem that was highlighted was that over time, the nuts that connect the legs of the Indoor A-Board to the body would gradually loosen due to the repeated opening and closing motion. To remove this slight inconvenience, we’ve changed these nuts to specialised locking nuts so that they never have to be re-tightened.





Security Staple

Due to portable nature of the product, when used in public spaces there is an inherent risk that someone could move the Indoor A-Board without permission. To address and reduce this risk, we’ve add a security staple that allows you to connect your own chain to the product and anchor it in place.




Charge Level Indicator

To ensure that users can easily read how much charge is left in the battery, the charge level indicator has been moved higher up. We didn’t stop there though – we’ve also upgraded this indicator to include a smart meter that shows an estimation of time remaining until the screen runs out of charge.




Handle Design

With the new-and-improved ergonomic handle design, the Indoor A-Board is easier than ever to manoeuvre. This guarantees that users receive a fully portable solution.




Ventilation Holes

To improve the overall performance of the product and increase the lifespan of the battery, we’ve added loads of new ventilation holes to the back, sides and top of the enclosure to improve airflow.




Android 7.1

The integrated media player has been upgraded to run on Android 7.1, improving compatibility with 3rd party apps and giving you the flexibility to use software that requires a more up-to-date version of the operating system.



Our new Indoor Digital Android Battery A-Boards are in stock now and available for immediate dispatch, get in touch today to secure yours!

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