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Digital signage solution used in a local farm shop.

Digital signage solution used in a local farm shop.

Promoting your local farm can be a tricky problem, that was why Grays Farm and Brian Steptoe Photography teamed up with Allsee Technologies to utilise the unique and highly adaptable marketing potential of digital signage solutions.

In the summer of 2010 the project was started with two main objectives:

• To show the public where their fresh produce was coming from, and

• To publicise the “Pick-Your-Own” scheme being run by the farm.

Using the free wall mount installation of the screen was carried out by staff at Grays Farm and was no more difficult than hanging a picture. Careful thought was given to position the display so that customers could view the content while queuing to purchase goods – a method implemented by many retail outlets as a means of ensuring that the message reaches the target audience. This positioning was crucial in meeting the objectives of informing customers where the food was produced and to advertise the “Pick-Your-Own” scheme.

The content is supplied by Brian Steptoe Photography, which is over 300 images and 3 videos of a year’s worth of activity on the 65 acre farm. Activities covered include the winter preparation work to the harvesting of the fruit and vegetables. Content is managed and seasonally updated by Brian Steptoe, “Having the screen in the farm shop has provided customers with a rich insight into the products they are buying,” he explains. “For example it is currently strawberry season so the screen is displaying images of the strawberry fields being picked by customers.” This contemporary marketing method has allowed Grays Farm to garner customer and public interest. Along with using the digital signage solution the farm has been featured on local BBC news and weather reports.

Brian Steptoe was also delighted with the after sales service offered by AllSee, with a dedicated customer service team and team of engineers who promptly answered any questions about the products and provided excellent technical support. This after sales service is important to all customers and Allsee Technologies seeks to provide the highest of standards to match the high quality of its products.

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