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Allsee Technologies launches its new generation of HD Freestanding LCD Digital Posters.

Allsee Technologies launches its new generation of HD Freestanding LCD Digital Posters.

Birmingham, UK – 23/05/11 – Allsee Technologies is upgrading their Freestanding Digital Poster range giving them enhanced features for the same price.

This new generation of Freestanding Digital Posters now include the following features:

• A range of inputs to connect external devices including VGA, HDMI, AV, YPbPr and Video In.

• More advanced built-in media player that plays full 1080p HD videos.

• Faster updating from the plug and play USB drive.

• New PC board for high speed SD card reading for applications such as HD video playback.

• Timing function to automatically switch between input ports.

• Improved Playlist Editor Software with a user friendly interface that allows uploading of multiple files simultaneously and easier positioning of content within a schedule.

This upgrade also brings the opportunity to introduce a new 65” Freestanding Digital Poster although the current 52” Display will be discontinued. Across the range of displays the slim, elegant tempered glass design as well as its sharp image quality will be retained. The Freestanding Digital Posters will also have the same 2GB internal memory and wide viewing angle as the previous generation.

A large internal compartment measuring 30 cm (length) x 18 cm (height) x 7.5cm (width) allows for a small form factor PC, network media player or 3G router to be enclosed. An external network RJ45 socket allows access to any internal PC without having to open the case and internal power sockets reduce the external cable needs to a single mains power cable. There are customisation options to add industrial wheels allowing the Display to be easily moved to different locations and vinyl covering ranging from company logo to changing the colour of a complete unit.

Freestanding Digital Posters have an extremely diverse range of practical applications. From hotel lobbies, reception areas and retail environments such as shopping centres and supermarkets to more ambiguous locations like bars, banks, art exhibitions and gyms. In all these settings a Freestanding Digital Poster is the perfect means of engaging potential customers through digital signage.

The new range of Freestanding Digital Posters are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Contact us for more information on this brand new generation of exciting products.

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