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Digital Signage Case Study – Moose Stoves

Digital Signage Case Study – Moose Stoves


3 x 43” Android PCAP Digital Signage Touch Screen Kiosks

1 x 55” Ultra High Brightness Digital Signage Window Displays


Moose is a dynamic and innovative fireplace solution company based in north east France. They have gained recognition and acclaim for their modern looking and premium wood, pellet and gas stoves. Their range of products wish to shed the outdated ideas of what stoves were and instead create modern, elegant and energy efficient solutions for customers for their homes. They have three showrooms in Vendenheim, Eschbach and Sarrebourg. In late 2022 Moose approached our partner MediaTYG as they were looking to add digital screens to each of its showrooms. With such a large number of options in terms for their products in terms of shapes, sizes and colours. They wanted an interactive display that would allow customers and staff to customise a solution with up-to-date product information. Customer could use the screen without any staff member present to browse the range of products they offered.


Moose knew they were in need of a touchscreen solution that would encourage interactivity as well look aesthetically pleasing and so it would not look out of place in each of their showrooms. The display needed to be able to run a web-based app that our partner was going to create without any issues. However, they knew they were not after a tablet solution. They wanted a large commercial grade screen that could be seen and interacted with by multiple people at the same time. The touch screen would ideally not be wall mounted to make installation of the screens as quick as possible but wanted a solution that could not be knocked over or moved easily.

For the Moose showroom in Sarrebourg they wanted a solution that would fill the space of their large showroom window; this was their only showroom in a town with a potential audience of foot and car traffic and wanted a solution to capture their attention. This solution needed to be bright enough to be seen at a distance even on bright sunny days. For the window screen they wanted a screen that was simple to operate so the staff could update it when they wanted without needing technical training. Moose wanted us to help provide a mounting solution for the screen.


Based on their requirements, we had the perfect solution for Moose with our 43” Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks. The PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks is the best premium all-in-one touch screen kiosk solution on the market. Thanks to their tempered edge-to-edge glass face, rounded corners and unique concave indent aluminium surround, the screen blends seamlessly into the modern design of the Moose showrooms. At such a large size and with the ergonomic design, the touch screen can easily be used by multiple people at once and even has up to ten concurrent touch points. The solution is a robust freestanding display so no troublesome wall mounting installation would be required.

The Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks can be easily managed via our cloud based digital signage software My Signage Portal. Moose were able to easily create a touch screen playlist that allowed them to seamlessly integrate the web-based app our partner created and lock down the display so users were only able to access the app and not do general browsing of the internet. My Signage Portal also allowed them to display a screensaver with glossy images of their products encouraging users to touch the display. The software allows Moose to manage all three touch screens at the different showrooms remotely over the internet. They can publish new screen savers, schedule on/off times for the display and even send remote commands to each screen.    

For the window display in Sarrebourg we proposed to Moose our 55” Ultra High Brightness Window Displays. The screens have a brightness of 3,500cd/m2 that’ll be perfect for the showrooms window and the simple USB plug and play system makes it easy for content to be uploaded by any member of the team without any technical training required. We provided Moose with a neat ceiling mount for the screen so as not to take up any valuable floorspace in the showroom.  


In early 2023 we dispatched three 43” Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks for their showrooms and one 55” Ultra High Brightness Window Display from our UK warehouse, the screens were then successfully installed in Moose’s showrooms based in France.     

Moose were overall extremely happy with the solutions we provided as they hope the implementation of these displays will help to create a more interactive showroom experience. Mr. Hild, the Director of Moose said the following;

“Faced with the multitude of solutions, models and variants that we offer (stoves, inserts or fireplaces burning logs, pellets or gas), our customers, and sometimes even our advisors, were struggling to find their way around. Thanks to the touch kiosk, they now have a fun, interactive way of filtering and selecting items, either on their own or with support.”

Our partner MediaTYG expressed the same gratitude about working with us as co-Founder and CEO Geoffrey Ludwig said;

“Elegant, robust products that meet our expectations. The flexibility of use enabled us to create a customised application for the customer. Both we and the customer are very satisfied.”

As Moose look to further expand and open new showrooms, they now have a robust and reliable digital signage partner to help elevate their showrooms.

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