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Colston Hall – Bespoke Advertising Solution.

Colston Hall – Bespoke Advertising Solution.

Allsee Technologies provide digital display solutions which in most cases require bespoke digital displays to be designed and implemented.

Colston Hall was looking for a display which would enable them to quickly and easily communicate information on their forthcoming concerts and events; they also required the solution to be portable, as in it needed to be movable around the location, so as to create maximum exposure for their concerts and events. This raised the issue of connectivity as it clearly could not be tied down to any network wiring.

Upon gathering the requirements a solution was presented which would meet the requirements as our displays didn’t have the ability to fulfil the requirements as a standard off the shelf displays, so a display was decided upon which would be suitable, the 46inch freestanding digital display was chosen because of its portability as it requires no wall mounting and is encased within its own stand. Then work was undertaken to modify the standard product, by integrating it with Wi-Fi which allowed the displays to be placed within any location where a Wi-Fi connection was available without worrying about wiring or losing a network connection.

The digital display itself is a popular product, as it requires no installation (e.g. wall mounting/Drilling) and is ready straight out of the box; Clients feel this display range is much more striking with its unique looks and its height as a vertical display. It is a cost effective and practical solution, which is one of the reasons why most clients prefer this display if there wasn’t any specific reason why they required the traditional advertising digital display.

Colston Hall have a cost effective versatile integrated solution which has created a powerful communication medium between them and their visitors, allowing them to communicate forthcoming events successfully which would increase awareness and in turn revenue.


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