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Digital Signage Network Vs Standalone.

Digital Signage Network Vs Standalone.

Digital signage solution from network to standalone is widely adopted, but it has been debated that network solutions are not as robust as they should be.

Digital signage is becoming ever more the norm within advertising, affordable and effective it has the characteristics of facilitating successful advertising campaigns. With the ever increase in digital signage, signage networks are heavily being invested upon, but are they really as effective and beneficial as they ought to be? , networking digital signage displays would be seen as the most viable method of controlling content on multiple displays in remote locations, this in it self has many drawbacks. Network screens require a network to run on, this in it self can be a daunting task, remote locations require dedicated networks and communication methods for the large data transfers, with the capacity of most digital signage hardware of 2GB it makes data transfer over a slow network connection a long process.

“Fault finding on network solutions a complex task”

Implementing a large network requires staff with extensive technical knowledge with a support team of technical advisors depending on the size of the network, this in it self can be a long and costly project with man hours consuming more than half the budget for a network digital signage solution. Fault finding on a network with complex hardware such as digital signage has proven difficult, complex hardware and large networks add to the complexity of any issues that may arise. A factor which prohibits a network solution becoming a success would be the software, the lack of or expensive solutions which are available are not quite capable of providing a fault free solution.

“Cost effective for multi million pound projects”

Stand alone solutions are still the most cost effective method of utilising digital signage solutions. A network signage solution is only truly cost effective on large nationwide projects, where there would otherwise be no physical mode of updating content. An example of this may be a network on which the displays are located in remote locations where human contact is at a minimum. Projects with multi million pound budgets find it cost effective to employ the use of network solutions. Some displays in remote locations require wireless 3G dongle integration to allow them to link to a network. But the speed of developments within the sector considering the investments in R&D, there will be a time time when network solutions will be both cost effective and reliable, ensuring these solutions are not just for the larger projects NOTE Network Digital signage solution: Displays on a network which can be controlled remotely from a server. Standalone solution: One display that is updated with a USB memory stick locally.

Thomas Fraser-Bacon is the Marketing Director for Allsee Technologies. His background is in Digital Signage and Product Design.

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