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Are you reaching the potential with your Video Wall Displays?

Are you reaching the potential with your Video Wall Displays?

Video Wall Displays by their nature, display large scale advertising video. But it is wrong to assume that this is all that they can do, I hope I can shed some light onto the unlimited potential that this form of digital signage can offer.

If you want to make a big impact in a public space then you might have considered a Video Wall Display. Compared to alternatives such as projectors and large screen TVs there is no doubt that Video Walls are great at displaying advertising material on a grand scale. A 2×2 Video Wall using 46″ LCD Video Wall Displays (which works out to 92″ diagonally) is only slightly more in price than a 84″ Professional Monitor. These panels are not the same as standard LCD panels though; these industrial grade panels are built for commercial use in Video Walls so are able to offer improved brightness, contrast and reliability compared to standard LCD panels.

When using a Video Wall it is important to make sure your display has the right system in place to show the content correctly. Without doing so you could find yourself needing additional hardware causing unnecessary grief. The best system to use with a Video Wall is to make sure your screen has a built in video matrix processor. This function tells the screen to automatically tile the screens to display one image.

An advantage of the large sizes that Video Walls can be built up to is that they are perfect for displaying data. This can be data such as a train timetable or for use in a business meeting. Thanks to the virtually seamless bezel that Video Wall Displays have that allow your content to be the main focus. There are also ways to upgrade the relationship between the screen and the viewing audience by making the screen interactive.

Hopefully I have been able to clear up any misconceptions about Video Walls and the untapped potential that Video Wall Displays have within themselves to make the biggest impact possible

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