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The A to Z of Digital Signage: L is for LCD

The A to Z of Digital Signage: L is for LCD

Everyone has heard of LCD technology as it is featured in calculators, computer monitors, smartphones and tablets, domestic televisions and most importantly Digital Signage; but what is it?


LCD, which stands for liquid crystal display, is a flat-panel technology that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals. The LCD panel is made up of pixels consisting of liquid crystal molecules held between two sets of transparent electrodes. These liquid crystals react when the electrical charge running between those electrodes is changed, meaning they twist to let different amounts of light and colours through the crystals. The LCD panel has a control system that translates your video signals into charges for each electrode.


The LCD panel itself does not produce any light; this is provided by a backlight which shines through the LCD panel to create an image. Older LCD screens used CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamps) backlights, which is the same type of long tube lights that were often used in older offices and kitchens. Some of the biggest disadvantages of this type of backlight were that they limited how thin the screen could be and they are not very energy efficient. CCFL technology also used small amounts of mercury making them less environmentally friendly.


The newer method of LCD backlight is LED (light emitting diodes) which became popular within the domestic TV market around 2009. There are many advantages to this form of backlight, primarily the drastically reduced energy consumption and the thinner screen profile that can be achieved when compared with CCFL backlit displays. As well as being more environmentally friendly for this reason LED backlights do not use any mercury and have a lifespan that is double that of CCFL backlights.


Following the implementation of LED backlights with domestic LCD televisions almost a decade ago there was a lot of confusion for most users. Even now we are regularly asked if our screens are LCD or LED, to which the answer is: both!


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