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Non-advertising applications for digital signage displays.

Non-advertising applications for digital signage displays.

Digital signage displays are most commonly used for advertisement based applications; however they can be utilised in many other ways. This article considers the alternative uses of digital signage displays and their usefulness.

While digital signage displays are largely used for advertising, the possible applications and options for digital signage do not end there. The use of digital signage displays for internal communication, public messaging, wayfinding and information display is becoming more common. As well as striking aesthetic qualities that grab public attention, digital signage displays can show real time weather, news and other RSS feeds. Adding the element of interactivity, in the form of touch screen digital signage displays, the list of services that digital signage provides grows even further. It’s clear that digital signage displays have many appropriate uses over different sectors, some of which are covered below.

Corporate Environments

Effective internal communication is extremely difficult for companies to achieve. In a hectic office environment critical messages can go unnoticed and printed messaging is costly, slow to arrange, dated and can’t convey the importance of the message. Many companies have multiple buildings and shift patterns, making their staff even harder to reach via traditional methods such as emails and memos. Using a network of digital signage displays as a means of internal communication solves all of these issues. Digital signage displays in the boardroom can display content giving a particular corporate impression or just to display appropriate images and information during meetings.

Staff Training

For recruitment campaigns, training courses and one off corporate events, comprehensive digital signage displays can be hired from digital signage rental companies. These can offer many advantages from practicalities such as wayfinding and timetable display to more aesthetic rewards like giving a stylish and more elegant feel to a training event.


Exhibition spaces can be greatly enhanced by the utilisation of digital signage displays. For such a short term requirement rental may be the most appropriate cost option. Many exhibitors over the last few years have used home TVs and PC monitors to display corporate material such as images, presentations and informative content. Conversely, to achieve maximum impact and make the most of content, well informed exhibitors choose to use digital signage displays to give their stand the captivating edge over others.


As well as emitting a very refined and sophisticated tone, the hire of digital signage displays can be particularly functional at weddings. Whereas in most cases using digital signage displays can require content design, using them for weddings requires little to none. Digital signage displays can add a personal touch to a wedding by gracefully displaying photos of the couple with family and friends as well as the functionality of showing the seating plan.

Although as a means of advertising digital signage displays are highly successful, it is evident that they are not solely used for this purpose. The qualities that give digital signage displays the edge over traditional advertising methods are the same qualities that give digital signage displays the edge outside of advertising – the power to engage and communicate.

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