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Digital Signage Debrief: Why Is the DV-LED Market Booming?

Digital Signage Debrief: Why Is the DV-LED Market Booming?

Over the past few years the DV-LED market has seen exponential growth, which isn’t predicted to stop any time soon. So, why are more people looking to this technology over LCD digital signage? Where is this growth coming from? What does the future really hold for this display technology? In the latest episode of Digital Signage Debrief we sit down with our DV-LED solutions specialist, David Jones.

Watch the video below to answer all of these questions and so much more!

Digital Signage Debrief is an ongoing video series about a variety of topics related to the digital signage industry. If you missed any of the previous episodes, watch them now on our YouTube channel:

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Thomas Fraser-Bacon is the Marketing Director for Allsee Technologies. His background is in Digital Signage and Product Design.

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