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Digital Signage Case Study – Hubo Belgium

Digital Signage Case Study – Hubo Belgium


Products Used

Outdoor Digital Android Battery A-Board - White Background Image


Outdoor Digital Android Battery A-Boards


Hand Sanitiser Android Advertising Display - White Background Image


Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Displays





Established in 1972, Hubo is a household-name DIY chain with over 150 stores spread across Belgium. With shoplifting becoming a growing problem in the DIY sector, Hubo wanted to digitally transform their stores to improve security against theft. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the retailer also wanted to include digital signage solutions that would help them tackle new challenges caused by the virus – such as maintaining social distancing, limiting the number of people in-store, and providing hand sanitising facilities – in this transformation.



Hubo needed a way to broadcast government advice and restrictions, such as requirements to wear a mask and stay a set distance apart, to customers before they entered the store. They also needed to let people know whether they could enter the store or not based on the number of people inside. This meant that the solution had to be suitable for outdoor use and easily updateable.

Once inside, Hubo needed a way to ensure that customers were sanitising their hands upon entry. They also wanted to be able to promote their showroom, as well as any other special offers or featured products, at the same time. Additionally, this solution had to be quick and easy to refill so that any member of staff could top up the tank with minimal training.



Outdoor Digital Battery A-Board outside Hubo as queue management system

One of our Outdoor Digital Battery A-Boards was utilised at the store entrance to display COVID messaging. This solution also functioned perfectly as a queue management system, with a green arrow on screen if people could enter or red arrow if they needed to wait. With a weatherproof, IP65-rated enclosure, this solution is designed to withstand the elements and so was perfect for the outdoor setting. Thanks to the integrated Android media player, Hubo could stay up-to-date with the latest government guidelines by instantly updating content via USB plug and play or via our cloud-based Content Management System software. Plus, as this solution is fully portable, Hubo have the option to move the display to wherever it’s needed most if their requirements change. Once in position, the castors can be fastened in place with the built-in locking bar for extra security.

On the shop floor, one of our Hand Sanitiser Advertising Displays offered customers a way to sanitiseHand Sanitiser Display at Hubo Belgium DIY store their hands. By having animated content on the 450cd/m2 screen, Hubo could be sure that no one would walk into the store without noticing the dispenser. Hubo could also utilise the eye-catching digital sign to display promotions and adverts that people would be sure to see whilst sanitising their hands. With an easy front-access door, refilling the hand sanitiser tank couldn’t be easier for staff.



Our COVID-19 digital signage solutions have helped to ensure that this Hubo shop stays COVID secure, thus keeping both staff and customers safe whilst inside the building. This has eased the anxiety that many customers felt about returning to retail stores after lockdown. After seeing how successful this store has been, other Hubo locations are now also considering implementing digital signage solutions to help them re-open safely.


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