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Benefits for Restaurants using Network Digital Menu Boards

Benefits for Restaurants using Network Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are revolutionising the QSR/Fast Food restaurant sector. Sleek and modern LCD screens have replaced the static light boxes of yesteryear. The move towards the technology has been gradual but while the major brands were wary at first they have since realised the many benefits of Network Digital Menu Boards, this in turn has changed consumers’ expectations and now Digital Menu Boards are a must have for any eatery.

One of the major advantages of Network Digital Menu Boards is that they can lead to an increase in sales. According to VCA global, Digital Signage can create a 31% increase in sales volume and a 32% growth in repeat customers. We believe this is for a number of reasons, replacing traditional signage with digital provides a better canvas for your menu allowing you to really sell your food with vibrant images or enticing video. With a commercial grade IPS panel our Network Digital Menu Boards are bright, clear and pleasant for customers to look at. Fitting out your whole restaurant can provide multiple opportunities to upsell customers. So a well-placed sign can advertise while customers wait in line to be served or a digital screen where customers are eating can provide further opportunities to sell. Wouldn’t a screen in this area be perfect for advertising dessert items? So when a customer has finished eating they want to try your new dessert offer. Network Digital Menu Boards are the bestselling tool you have at your disposal.

Network Digital Menu Boards allow you as a business to better utilise your staff with the scheduling capabilities. Network Digital Signage solutions will allow you to set different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner you can really target items for what customers will want to eat at certain times of the day and days of the week. This is all done through our CMS and the changes happen automatically on screen so does not require any manual input or effort from staff. This allows them to focus on other jobs. If you have a whole chain of restaurants multiple stores can be updated in seconds, no matter where they are located or how many different restaurants. This kind of flexibility is invaluable for restaurants that traditional menu signage could only aspire to have.

Investing in Network Digital Menu Boards will actually allow you to save money over time. In the long term the costs of constantly getting menus printed will be greater than that of investing in Digital Signage. The costs involved in cutting out printers and your staff having to replace old posters will be more than cover the initial investment.

With so much competition out there companies want to provide the best possible experience for their customers. With multiple screen synchronisation you can really wow customers with content that goes across multiple displays (made possible thanks to the Network Digital Menu Boards narrow bezel). Stand out from the rest as you make the most of video content to grab attention. Creativity is unbounded from the shackles of traditional menus. Innovation is the key from making the most from features such as scrolling text zones and web zones

The fast food industry has changed. There is no going back to traditional signage boards and posters. Don’t get left in the past, only by embracing the technology can you deliver the service that your customers want. The benefits are clear for Digital Signage and Network Digital Menu Boards.

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