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Allsee Technologies provides digital signage for the Hospitality Show 2011.

Allsee Technologies provides digital signage for the Hospitality Show 2011.

This years Hospitality Show was visually and practically enhanced by the presence of two freestanding digital posters, supplied by Allsee Technologies.

Fresh RM, the exhibition organisers, obtained the freestanding digital posters from the digital signage supplier to provide visitors with information such as:

• a schedule of events,

• corporate branded messages, and

• navigational information.

They also used the advertising screens to display sponsored adverts. One of the screens, a 40” Freestanding Digital Poster with built-in Literature Stand, was used to dispense appropriate and relevant printed event material.

Operations Executive, Simmone Collett, was delighted with the level of style and functionality the digital signage brought to the show,

“These units used bright visuals advertising various aspects of the exhibition and the alternating pages on the screen caught our visitor’s attention. These pages were straight forward to put together and these contemporary units helped bring the signage into the digital age. We would definitely recommend them to other companies wishing to catch the eye of visitors.”

Simple scheduling software, provided free of charge by Allsee, was used to display particular messages and information at specific times and for particular durations. For example, the timetables had a lot of information and were displayed for longer periods to allow visitors to read the information. The schedules, once created, were downloaded onto the internal memory of the digital displays using a USB drive; however CF and SD cards could also have been used. The freestanding digital posters also came with an eco-friendly power timer, and were set to switch themselves On when the show was open and Off once the show was closed.

It’s clear from this venture that the digital signage offered by Allsee Technologies has a wide array of practical applications, from displaying adverts for products and services to communicating information to a target audience. With this fresh and dynamic method of conveying information no matter what the message is or who you want to reach, digital signage is rapidly becoming the most successful means in which to do it.

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