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Allsee Donates Digital Posters to Help St Thomas’ Hospital Fight Coronavirus

Allsee Donates Digital Posters to Help St Thomas’ Hospital Fight Coronavirus

“We’re incredibly grateful to Allsee for donating these Digital Posters to the NHS.

If we all continue to do our bit, we can protect the NHS and save lives.”

– Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital

At the time of writing this blog post, there are over 160,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK1 and this figure is only predicted to rise in coming weeks. While the National Health Service (NHS) is doing an absolutely incredible job, with such a huge influx of patients to treat, as well as over 750,000 NHS Volunteer Responders2 to coordinate and keep safe, it’s not surprising that hospitals around the country are feeling the pressure. For this reason, it’s vital that we all do our bit to help limit the spread of coronavirus, protecting the NHS and saving lives.

That’s why Allsee were more than happy to help when St Thomas’ Hospital in London contacted us to ask for our assistance in broadcasting important messages about coronavirus. With information about the virus changing rapidly, the hospital needed to be able to update their messages quickly and easily to keep everyone informed on the latest news and advice. They also wanted a Digital Signage solution that didn’t require much installation so that it could be up and running almost immediately, with no extra hassle for the hospital during this busy time.

Digital Poster display at St Thomas' Hospital in London

We donated two of our 55” Freestanding Digital Posters for St Thomas’ Hospital to use free of charge whilst they are critically needed. As these displays don’t need any kind of mount or stand, we knew they would be perfect for this time-sensitive project as the installation time would be minimal. Additionally, by pre-loading relevant content onto the screens before they left our warehouse, we ensured they were good to go from the moment they arrived at the hospital. The Digital Posters were also networked, meaning that hospital staff could update the content on the screens instantly by either using a USB stick or remotely by using our online CMS, which we also donated to make sure the information displayed would always be up-to-date. Finally, with this fully portable solution, the Digital Posters could be moved to wherever the hospital needed them most.

Since being installed on Saturday 4th April, St Thomas’ Hospital has been using these displays to share important messages with staff, volunteers, patients, and visitors, such as how to wash your hands correctly and what the latest government advice is. Furthermore, the hospital will also be able to use the Digital Posters in conjunction with an uplifting social media campaign. They will be asking people to show their support for all of their amazing staff by sending in photos, videos and drawings, which will then be uploaded to the screen via our CMS.

Allsee are thrilled that we have been able to do something to help in the fight against coronavirus, and will continue to support the NHS in any way we can.



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