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New High Brightness Outdoor Digital Signage A-Boards

New High Brightness Outdoor Digital Signage A-Boards

We are thrilled to announce that our long anticipated and highly requested 1,500cd/m² High Brightness Outdoor Digital A-Boards are now available for pre-order!

We started developing a brighter solution right after the launch of our 700cd/m² Outdoor Digital A-Boards and, through extensive research and development, we have now been able to optimise it in terms of brightness, runtime and, most importantly, reliability.

1,500cd/m² Brightness Panel

More than twice the brightness of the classic Outdoor Digital A-Boards, a 1,500cd/m² commercial grade panel ensures your content stands out and shines bright even on the sunniest of days.

Incredible 27 Hour Runtime

Businesses can reap the benefits of the Outdoor Digital A-Boards all day long with an impressive running time of 27 hours while still delivering stunning levels of brightness.

3-Year Commercial Warranty

Like all of our solutions, we offer a full 3-year warranty on the High Brightness Outdoor Digital A-Boards. Unlike other solutions on the market this warranty also covers the battery itself!

The first batch of High Brightness Outdoor Digital A-Boards are expected to arrive in the UK during September 2023. Given the huge demand for this product we are offering our partners the opportunity to reserve stock now to avoid disappointment.

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