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Digital signage screens – the eco friendly option.

Digital signage screens – the eco friendly option.

Becoming more environmentally aware is essential for any modern business that is why it benefits everyone to consider digital signage screens.

Using digital signage screens can offer many advantages over conventional static printed signage. Exceptional design, marketing skills and resources associated with large corporate budgets are required to captivate potential customers with traditional static signage. Conversely with digital signage screens, arguably better results can be achieved by using simple striking communicative designs. Rather than continually creating and printing a number of fixed image posters, one digital display can have fixed or moving content that can be changed either directly or remotely. Plug and play digital signage screens have the advantages of simplicity, intuitiveness and cost but remote or network solutions may be suitable where a number of geographically dispersed advertising posters need to be updated. Regardless, it is clear that from a practical standpoint digital signage screens can be much more beneficial than traditional signage where there is high turnover of images to be displayed.

Aside from being a more effective and engaging method of display, using digital signage screens over printed posters can also have a positive effect on the planet. As well as no additional costs to update, using digital signage screens can also help to reduce deforestation. The utilisation of digital signage screens could help your business’ carbon footprint by reducing its involvement with the 4th largest contributor to global carbon emissions, namely, the paper industry. The more environmentally friendly digital signage screens also come with power timers and do not have a standby light. There are a lot of environmental issues surrounding the ink used in traditional signage; these can also be addressed by using digital signage screens.

The old fashioned and environmentally wasteful method of printed advertising campaigns, menu board light boxes and printed internal communication is moving over for a more flexible, dynamic, engaging and profitable means of public communication, the use of digital signage screens.

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