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Digital Signage Case Study – St. Cuthbert’s High School

Digital Signage Case Study – St. Cuthbert’s High School



St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School is located in St Helens, Merseyside. With just under 900 students, the school aims to ‘guide each of [its] students to develop their own unique gifts and talents’.

In 2017, they first approached our partner. The school was looking to implement a professional system of digital information screens. They wanted a local partner who had expertise in this area and could also help with the installation of the new screens. The aim of the project was simple: to keep staff and students informed. At the beginning, they wanted to install screens in the school cafeteria, the staff room and the school entrance.


The school was adamant they did not want software that was too complex for staff to use. However, it still needed to perform certain functions such as being able to schedule content to display at different times of the day on certain screens. We were told that multiple members of staff would be managing the content of the screens from their own computers, rather than from a dedicated PC, so whatever the solution was it needed to accommodate for this requirement.

Additionally, the school already had its own IT network in place and queried if the new screens would interfere with it. They also wanted to make sure that staff had adequate support and training on how to use the software, and that the solution had a suitable warranty and technical support available.

The new screens also needed to be well-protected. In locations with such high footfall like the school cafeteria and entrance, where hundreds of students and visitors pass through every day, there was concern about the screens becoming damaged if they were accidentally hit.

Finally, the school already had some existing screens in place. Not wanting to replace these, they needed to be able to control and update these screens in the same way as the new ones.


Based on their requirements, we had just the solution to satisfy St. Cuthbert’s needs. With a stunning and robust enclosure, as well as user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) software, our Android Network Advertising Displays are one of the most premium digital signage screens available on the market.

These Android Network Advertising Displays can be easily managed with our online CMS software, The screens are connected to the internet, allowing them all to be updated at once or individually managed. The software can be easily accessed from any PC using a web browser, so staff would be able to update the screens in the school regardless of their location.

The displays are designed to work in a wide array of different buildings and, with some simple setup, can easily be connected to complex IT network systems so the school did not have to worry about that. The screens themselves come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, but even better is the free lifetime technical support. Complimentary setup training and support was to be delivered by our partners to help make sure St. Cuthbert’s were comfortable using and managing the new screens. They were also going to oversee the installation of the new screens.

As well as looking fantastic, our Android Network Advertising Displays have extra protection thanks to their mild steel enclosure and tempered glass front. The internal components and LCD panel are shielded with IK08-rated glass, which minimises the likelihood of accidental damage or vandalism.

In the staff room, we supplied a Network Digital Menu Board. This screen has all the same functionality as the Android Network Advertising Display but has a simpler enclosure, without the tempered glass front and stylish aluminium surround. The staff room was deemed to be less risky in terms of damage so the screen here did not need the same additional protection as the other ones.

For the existing screens, we were also able to supply our Network Media Players, which would convert these screens into networked digital signage displays. These media players run the same software as the new digital signage screens so can be managed centrally from


In 2017, the first batch of screens and media players were successfully installed at the school. With direct training on how to use the CMS delivered by our partner, the new network of screens was a huge success. Paul Magee, the Business Manager of St Cuthbert’s said:

“The screens give a modern first impression to people who come to our school.  The administration of the information flow on different screens is very simple and smooth. Clear communication with staff and students became more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health messages and health and safety announcements helped inform our whole school community about what was expected and how we keep the environment safe for everyone.”

The new screens have been so effective that the school have installed additional Android Network Advertising Displays each year since 2017. St Cuthbert’s now have an effective real time information network to improve communication for staff, students and visitors.

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