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Digital Signage Case Study – Fanatix Bodybuilding & Fitness Club

Digital Signage Case Study – Fanatix Bodybuilding & Fitness Club


43″ Slimline Pro Advertising Displays


Fanatix Bodybuilding & Fitness Club is a gym based in Halifax, England. The gym has first established in 1991 and is the leading gym for bodybuilders in the area. In December 2021, we were approached by the new owners of the Fanatix gym via a partner about integrating digital signage into their facilities. Having recently taken over and changed the name of the business, the owners were keen to put their stamp on the business and took on renovating the interior of the gym to expand the appeal of the gym while still staying true to its hardcore bodybuilder base. Keen to capitalise on potential new members after covid lockdowns, the new management wanted to enhance the environment on the gym floor and came to us looking for a digital signage solution.


Fanatix Bodybuilding & Fitness Club wanted to install multiple digital signage screens around the gym, showing inspiring bodybuilding videos and adverts for gym related products they were selling. They hoped the videos would create a positive and motivational atmosphere for gym users. All the content on the screens was going to be managed and regularly updated by the gym staff themselves, so they requested an easy and non-technical method to update the screens.

This project required us to find a solution that had high enough brightness to capture attention and be robust with a strong enclosure considering the environment it was going to be installed in. Another important requirement was to ensure that the screens were easy to clean. Due to covid regulations, maintaining a clean and safe environment was crucial, so a screen that is easy to wipe and clean was a necessity for this project.


From the get-go it was clear what solution would be required in order to meet the needs of the gym and what their initial aims were. The most appropriate solution was going to be our Slimline Pro Advertising Displays. The screens have a high-end design with a stunning enclosure and aluminium surround, they cannot be visually compared with a domestic television and raise the aesthetic value of the area in which they are installed. The solution is also easy to update thanks to their integrated Android media players and they can use simple USB plug and play. Staff just have to load a USB with content they want to display, insert into the display and once it has automatically copied over, remove the USB stick.

The Slimline Pro Advertising Displays have a 450cd/m2 brightness IPS panel which is considerably brighter and more vibrant than domestic televisions. The screens are built with commercial-grade components, which allow the displays to run 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. The tempered glass front also fits in with the gym’s requirements, providing them with an easy-to-maintain and clean unit.


After we quickly dispatched three Slimline Pro Advertising Displays from our UK warehouse, the screens were successfully installed at the gym. Fanatix Bodybuilding & Fitness Club have received positive feedback on the addition of the screens from users. Ryan Lovelady, owner of Fanatix gym said the following:

“Easy, definition of plug and play! Our members love the screens and so do our staff, it’s dead easy to use and no hassle whatsoever to anyone.“

Fanatix gym is going from strength to strength now that the renovations have been completed and they have a fit for purpose digital signage solution.

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