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Allsee’s Freestanding Digital Posters featured in Retail Newsagent Magazine.

Allsee’s Freestanding Digital Posters featured in Retail Newsagent Magazine.

Last week our 46” Freestanding Digital Poster was featured on the front cover of weekly business magazine Retail Newsagent.

The article focused on Peter Wagg and his chain of Canary Wharf newsagents, News on the Wharf. Mr. Wagg explains how he has “called on publishers to showcase their promotions on his network of high-tech video screens to unlock the potential of working with the best retailers”.

The ‘network’ consists of eight standalone Plug and Play screens; six wall-mounted 40” Digital Advertising Displays and two 46” Freestanding Digital Posters. These are manually updated by staff on a regular basis. The content is simply loaded onto a USB stick and transferred to the screens. This process is so simple even staff that are not particularly technical have no problems using them.

This is a perfect illustration of how Plug and Play digital signage can be used to distinguish yourself from your competition. Mr. Wagg has found a cost effective way to make an impact on his customers, as well as a way of portioning targeted goods or publications.

Mr. Wagg has purchased each screen to suit the surroundings of each individual shop. Where there is floor space available a Freestanding Digital Poster has been used, where there is limited floor space a Digital Advertising Display has been either wall-mounted or ceiling mounted.


The article goes on to explore the best ways of actively managing ranges of magazines but also features various tips from retail expert Mr. Wagg, one of which describes the flexibility of digital signage,

“We can advertise magazines and tailor our offering to our shoppers”.

A combination of industry expertise and forward thinking have ensured that Mr. Wagg’s shops have a bright future.

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