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The Secrets of Small Digital Signage: Revealed

The Secrets of Small Digital Signage: Revealed

Digital Signage is by far the most dynamic form of public information display available in the 21st Century. Truly a modern technology, signage now looks fantastic, is versatile and really easy to update. A new kind of Digital Signage has sprung up though quite recently. By going small for certain applications Digital Signage is able to expand its features and present a memorable marketing moment. In this article I will reveal the secrets of making the most of your smaller Point of Sale (POS) Digital Signage Displays.

POS Android Advertising Displays act just the same as a regular Android Advertising Display. They can be updated with the classic ‘Plug and Play’ method that involves loading content onto a USB stick. In the majority of applications it will be very unlikely however to just have one POS display in use. You can expect that, due to the more personal nature of the display, a large number of screens will be needed. Updating each of these with a USB takes time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Upgrading your POS screens to be networkable allows you to update the screens remotely from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. This method of content delivery is perfect for POS Advertising Displays.

Using a network solution is truly amazing when you consider that this allows you to design your own templates for your content that allow you to use multiple media zones. So your images, videos, webzones and RSS/scrolling text zones can really wow your customers. Our advice though, with the screen size being so small, is to use the multiple media zones sparingly. Only use 1-2 or at the very maximum 3 different media zones. This allows the screen to look uncluttered and can help focus the viewer on the message you want to say.

Powering your POS display can be done by a traditional power cable but POS displays also hold the ability to be powered in a very unique way. They can be powered via an Ethernet cable using PoE (Power over Ethernet). Using this specialised setup gives your display a stable internet connection and a power source all-in-one. This method could be very useful in installations as using only one cable can simplify the process. Ultimately smaller sized Digital Signage displays give you the freedom to choose the more convenient way to power your screen.

Small sized Digital Signage’s biggest strength comes with its versatility. Of course there is the standard POS Android Advertising Displays. These however can be upgraded to a PCAP version that has 10 touch points and unlock a whole new level of interactivity for users of the display, especially when used with our amazing new Touch CMS. If however you want to run the screen from an external source there is a monitor version of the POS display available.. Whatever you want from a POS display they are versatile enough to cater to your requirements.

When you go small with your signage the secret is that you are not losing out on any features of regular sized displays, in fact you are gaining more! When there is little room to spare POS displays have to be versatile and satisfy a lot of different needs, although they are small in size they are more than capable of the challenge.

Tom Rock is a Marketing Manager for Allsee Technologies. His background is in Digital Signage and Graphic Design.

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