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Supporting Local Communities: Allsee Presents Digital Signage and Careers Workshop at Holly Lodge High School

Supporting Local Communities: Allsee Presents Digital Signage and Careers Workshop at Holly Lodge High School

Back to the classroom, we go!

On Wednesday the 5th June 2024, our MD, Dr Baoli Zhao, our Machine Engineer, Henry Qu and I attended the Holly Lodge High School College of Science in Smethwick, Birmingham. The purpose of the visit was to host a technology conference, which kicked off with a presentation for the pupils from Years 9, 10 and 12. This session introduced them to the world of innovative digital signage and to the solutions provided by Allsee and our sister company, Vieunite.

We brought along Vieunite’s Textura digital canvas to showcase in front of the class and, before the presentation even began, I noticed the canvas caught the eyes of several pupils as they realised that they were not looking at a real painting when the content changed. The session offered live demonstrations of the Vieunite and Vieutopia apps, with the students being asked to check out the capabilities on their own devices. This gave them first-hand experience of the digital platform, showing incredibly positive reactions to the apps’ capabilities of creating and showcasing high-quality artwork.

As part of our commitment to supporting the local educational ecosystem, myself and the rest of the team facilitated an interactive careers workshop. Talking points included sharing our career journeys, educational backgrounds and the skills needed to perform our current roles. The workshop concluded with a Q&A session, putting us in the hot seat. Several of the students had asked questions about business management, digital signage and the skills required for Digital Marketing and Engineering roles.

I caught up with Mrs Robert, Lead Practitioner – More Able, who said the following words about the afternoon session “I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Allsee team for their visit and collaboration with our students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the conference and gained valuable knowledge. Some are excited about the possibility of visiting the Allsee office to work with you again in the future. I hope we can make arrangements for the next academic year.”

Mrs Robert also shared the following feedback from students Humaira and Mohammed, expressing how they felt about the afternoon session:

The presentation was very informative and entertaining. It explained everything simply so we could understand, and seeing a prototype was especially useful. I learned about the career paths needed to enter the tech field and how education could evolve to end up in the tech industry. Though I had never considered a technology-inspired career before, this workshop truly intrigued me and taught me a lot.” – Humaira Kabir-Nassir 

It was an honour meeting with you guys, I could relate to everyone’s speech and it gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you and I hope to work alongside Allsee in the future!”  – Mohammed Saeed

Following the day out, I caught up with our MD, Dr Baoli, who stated “I had great time presenting to the students, and I’m thrilled to hear they loved the conference and found it valuable! During the Q&A session, Saeed even invited us to his future university graduation, which was such a great moment. Seeing the students so inspired and brimming with hope for their futures is amazing, I can’t wait to arrange another visit and work with these incredible students again next academic year!

On behalf of Allsee I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Robert and her class for the warm welcome and their enthusiastic participation in such a fun and productive afternoon. The future looks bright!

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