To help customers in every industry sector combat challenges faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic we have created a range of specifically targeted solutions. These displays can be used in a variety of locations and can be operated with minimal to no physical contact.
pos-rear pos-rear
Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display
hand sanitising
Combine Hand Sanitising with Digital Signage
Right now personal hygiene is key and where hand washing facilities are not available these displays are ideal. They combine a hand sanitising station with a versatile Digital Signage solution, which can be updated instantly from our online portal or using a USB stick.
contactless display
Contactless Solution
As well as having a contactless automatic hand sanitising station, these displays come with a network upgrade and 1 year free CMS subscription as standard so can be updated from our online portal. They feature no external buttons or controls and have an automated on/off power timer to minimise contact following installation.
Safety First
As they are made from a robust steel enclosure, they are ideal for any public location. The sanitiser tank has a capacity of 700ml, as do most standard sanitising stations on the market, to maximise safety when using high alcohol hand sanitiser (as advised by the World Health Organisation). The sanitiser tank is also completely isolated from the internal electronic components for the same safety reasons.
three year warranty
3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Just like with all of our other solutions, we offer a full commercial 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and free lifetime technical support, giving you complete peace of mind.
24/7 usage
24/7 Usage
This is a true commercial grade solution. Built using a commercial grade LCD panel and components, it is designed to be in constant use, which is essential for some locations.
Optional Stand Available
You can use the free lockable wall mount that is included or, for easy portability, utilise the optional stylish floor stand. The modern stand also features an illuminated blue LED strip.
Possible Locations
These displays really can be used in any location where there is no soap or running water nearby. Popular environments include: retail spaces, gyms, offices, schools, warehouses, and hospitals.
Facial Recognition Thermometer Display
temp checking
Automated Contactless Temperature Checking
Using a Melexis dual-chip system, along with a cooling fan, the thermal imaging module measures the ambient temperature as well as the user’s body temperature to maximise accuracy. The full sensor temperature range is -40°C to 85°C with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The automated nature of this system not only efficiently reduces manual labour, but also means it is completely contactless, which is of paramount importance in today’s world.
mask detection
Mask Detection System
As well as reading body temperature, the system can also check if the user is wearing a mask if this is an entry requirement to your building. This feature can be disabled if not required.
fever alarm
Fever Alarm
When a user’s temperature reading exceeds a stipulated number, a visual and audio alarm activates to alert the user that they have a fever. This feature can be disabled if not required.
sync systems
Synchronise with Existing Systems
Using the connection interface, this solution can be integrated with existing door or ticketing systems. Using the software included, you can stipulate entry conditions such as: an acceptable temperature range; the presence of a face mask; and specific user entry or restriction.
Software Included
The software used to set the entry conditions is included at no extra cost and can be easily installed on your own PC or server to maximise security. Adjust the acceptable temperature range, enable or disable mask detection and fever alarm, and control the facial recognition system when being used as a check in/out solution.
optional hand sanitiser
Optional Automatic Hand Sanitiser
If you are utilising the floor stand, you can also add on an optional hand sanitiser dispenser to provide an extra level of safety.
face ID
High Security Facial Recognition
With 99.7% identification accuracy, this solution can also be used as a check in/out system for offices, warehouses and other secure locations. You can even create a whitelist and blacklist to control and restrict access, as well as recording all building entries. Adjust the identification security levels from using the photo on an ID card to high level military standard using a 3D face scan and body temperature check.
mounting solutions
Mounting Options
As standard, this solution comes with an adjustable desk mounted pole. Optional mounting options include: a flush fit or adjustable wall mount, a desk stand, or a floor stand. All additional stand options have a modern integrated blue LED light strip.
Possible Locations
These displays are designed for locations where any kind of temperature checking, mask detection or facial recognition is required. These environments include: shops, offices, warehouses, gyms and colleges.
pos-rear pos-rear
Outdoor Digital Android Battery A-Boards
portable kiosk
Instantly Updatable Mobile Kiosk
This solution can be easily moved by one person into any location to broadcast frequently-changing government advice and guidelines. It can be updated in a matter of seconds, either via USB stick or using our online CMS portal.
IP65 Rated Weatherproof Enclosure
The enclosure has an IP65 rating, meaning it keeps out all airborne swarf, dust and other particles as well as being protected from any wet weather conditions; broadening the range of possible environments. It also has a tempered glass front to protect the LCD panel.
Battery Powered Display
The integrated lithium-polymer battery revolutionises the way you can use digital signage. This commercial grade slimline battery solution gives you over 14 hours running time from a single 7 hour charge.
bright display
High Brightness
The high brightness 700cd/m² LCD panel used in this display is up to three times brighter than a domestic TV, making it ideal for outdoor spaces.
locking bar
Secure Locking Bar
Once in position, the rugged castors can be locked in place with the built-in locking bar. For additional security, a padlock can be used to lock this in place.
indoor version
Indoor Version Available
For locations where an outdoor A-board is not needed, we also offer an indoor version in the style of a traditional sandwich board.
Possible Locations
While these displays are perfect for locations such as outside supermarkets and shops, they really can be utilised in an increasingly wide range of spaces as lockdown is lifted.
Android Freestanding Digital Posters
Display Compliance Information
As well as being able to display your government compliance certification, you can also broadcast the necessary instructive materials, such as hand washing techniques and social distancing guidelines, to your customers and staff.
Instant Updates
As government advice and guidelines continue to change on a regular basis, these displays are ideal as they can be updated in a matter of seconds, either via USB stick or using our online CMS portal.
Portable Solution
These freestanding displays have integrated castors so the entire unit can be easily moved to any location as required.
glass front
Wipe Clean Front Glass
As well as providing protection from the public, the tempered glass front can be easily wiped clean.
Available in Black or White
We hold UK stock of both the classic piano black and modern white versions.
Wall-Mounted Version Available
For locations where a display needs to be mounted onto a wall rather than having a freestanding solution, we also offer a wall mounted version that resembles a giant tablet.
Possible Locations
While these displays are ideal for acting as an internal communication tool in corporate locations, they can be used as a digital poster in any environment where COVID-19 posters are required such as: retail, hospitality, entertainment, education and healthcare environments.
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