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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage uses specialised commercial grade LCD and LED screen technology to dynamically exhibit advertising, internal communication and everything in between. Digital Advertising Displays and Digital Posters can be used in wide variety of public spaces and corporate environments. Our advertising screens can be included in many retail locations like supermarkets, department stores and independent shops along with hospitality environments such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

Digital Signage Displays can be standalone or part of a network. The content of standalone, or plug and play, advertising screens is updated manually via a USB drive in contrast to network Digital Signage that are updated remotely. Most newcomers to the market find that standalone, or plug and play, systems are an ideal starting point into the industry until they are equipped to upgrade their screens to a network solution.

As well as being more exciting and economical than printed signage, Digital advertsing screens offer the advantages of sound and movement to content, helping to grab the attention of your audience. Digital Signage screens are also perfect for targeted content, from showcasing specific up-to-the-minute news, sports or weather stories to showing scheduled content such as a time specific promotional offer.

Digital Signage OEM

Established in 2007, AllSee Technologies has quickly developed into a market leading LCD Advertising Display Manufacturer with an impressive Blue Chip client portfolio. Our factory in China currently produces in the region of 2,000 screens per day, allowing us to fuel the Chinese, UK, US and European Digital Signage markets. Our success has been driven by our focus on delivering supreme Quality, market leading Customer Service and unprecedented industry Expertise.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and as such we have rigorous quality control procedures in place at our factory in China

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Plug and Play - Keep it Simple

Our core ranges of standalone Digital Signage do not need to be connected to any external devices such as a PC or DVD player as they have a built in HD media player which is updated by a simple plug and play method. Copy your pictures and videos onto a USB Memory Stick, insert it into the display which will copy the files into its internal memory and then play them in a continuous loop.

Free signage scheduling software is included to help you manage your content. Also included is a free landscape wall mount.

Our products and support provide a solid foundation into the Digital Signage market.

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Our NEW All-in-One Network Screens

Most network solutions require their Digital Advertising Screens to be connected to additional networking hardware which is sourced from various suppliers as well as another party to provide the software solution. This can make setup and installation complicated but also in the event of any system failures it can make resolving problems a nightmare. In contrast to this we offer a range of All-in-One Network Screens that have all the necessary networking hardware built in. Read more...

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Allsee Technologies discontinues their Classic Freestanding Touch Screens, replacing them with an upgrade.
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Following 3 years of market leading excellence the Classic Freestanding Touch Screens are being replaced with an upgrade.

Allsee Technologies discontinues their Classic Freestanding Digital Posers, replacing them with an upgrade.
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After 4 years as a market leading product the Classic Freestanding Digital Posters are being discontinued and replaced with the Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters.

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