Plug and Play - Keep it Simple

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Our core ranges of Standalone Android Digital Signage Displays do not require any external devices, like a PC or DVD player, as they have an integrated media player which is updated by a simple plug and play method. Updating them couldn’t be easier; simply copy your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert it into the display which will copy the files into its internal memory and then play them in a continuous loop. Free scheduling software is included to help you manage your content as well as a free landscape wall mount.

Digital Signage OEM

digital signage oem

Established in 2007 Allsee Technologies is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of LCD and LED Digital Signage Displays. Our expert manufacturing practices are reliable and consistent processes that we have perfected over the last 10 years. Our factory currently produces around 2,000 screens daily, allowing us to supply the Asian, UK, US and European markets. Our success has been driven by our focus on delivering supreme product quality, unrivalled customer service and vital industry expertise. Read more…

Cost-effective All-in-One Touch Screen Solution

Welcome to the world’s first user-friendly cost-effective Touch Screen content creation software. Typically Touch Screen projects are extremely expensive and can be very complicated due to the current content creation solutions available on the market. Thanks to our remarkably simple content management system, complex and costly interactive solutions are now a thing of the past. This solution is compatible with our PCAP Touch Screens, Wall-mounted Infrared Touch Screens and Freestanding Infrared Touch Screens. This means that for the first time ever you can have a cost effective All-in-One Touch Screen solution! CLICK HERE to learn more…

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage uses commercial grade LCD and LED screen technology to dynamically display advertising, internal communication and everything in between. Advertising screens can be used in a wide variety of public environments.

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These include retail settings, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate environments, the possibilities are endless. For more information contact us today.